Here’s what some of our customers are saying…

“I had another exceptional experience with you company – one that I could never have imagined happening in this day and age.

At the one year mark of completed renovation, we had a few very minor touch up items in our kitchen. In addition, we had a good bit of caulk on our kitchen crown molding…..the result of an inexperienced painter sent to our house to do some caulking and touch up work. Lastly, we had a seam above our hood that was a bit unsightly (I think due to the hood being installed lower than the plan called for and thus a small, extra board installed). Knowing that the caulk on the molding would require special attention, I insisted that 1st Choice be engaged. Our contractor engaged Jim and Matt to come over, both of whom seemed happy to address both the minor and the other larger issues (caulk and area above the hood). Romero came out, did the minor touch-up items (and did a wonderful job), but felt like there was a better option for the hood than the materials he had. I checked in with Jim at that point, who sent Dave to take a look. Long story short, Dave not only successfully removed the caulk from the molding and recaulked where needed, but he has build a panel to match the drawer fronts and installed it over the hood for a very finished and beautiful end result.
It isn’t very often than companies go above and beyond. In this case, it was more than that, given that the two major issues were not really your problems to solve. Yet, your team presented solutions and took charge and provided a customer experience right out of the 1950’s.
I am so grateful for the expertise of your team and their willingness to help us. We LOVE our new kitchen and bathrooms, LOVED each of our interactions with your teams, and are so very appreciative of this last interaction with 1st Choice. I’m your company’s biggest fan and intend to share my experience with anyone who will listen.”
Melissa Tillman



“I wanted to share a recent experience of ours, and commend Jamie in your service department for her excellent customer service. My wife and I built our home three years ago, and our builder suggested First Choice Cabinetry for our kitchen design; and we had been very pleased with our initial experience.  However, the kitchen sink recently came loose and Jamie quickly helped put us in touch with the subcontractor and within a week our sink was fixed. Due to the large initial expense of installing the cabinets and granite, Jamie even offered to share the cost of the repair; and my wife and I are very please as a result. It is because of her assistance that I had a positive outcome and I will be letting our general contractor know of our experience. “

-Mel Remke