What’s in store for 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeowners are projected to stay put in their existing homes due to credit tightening and a weak job market. This will result in more remodeling in our market going forward. Remodeling kitchens and baths will be a primary focus in this economy. Remodeling can be very stressful on the homeowner and the cabinetry sales designer as well! Homeowners search for all sorts of products through the internet, and try to become experts on what they desire. Cabinetry websites run the gamut from very professionally done with lots of pictures and information to very rudimentary with little or no content. Cabinetry dealers who have comprehensive showroom where they can show and illustrate their cabinetry lines and capabilities are a tremendous resource to the homeowner who is past the stage of internet search and wants a hands on “touch and feel” experience.

1st Choice Cabinetry has the largest and most comprehensive cabinetry showroom, for this very purpose, in the Raleigh triangle area. We show every door style and finish for every manufacturer that we represent.

Cabinetry remodels can be trying for the homeowner who is trying to find a style and finish to fit the older home that they live in. There are dimensional issues with walls that are not straight or bowed and smaller spaces. Finding cabinetry lines that have the box dimensional flexibility to fit these special spaces can be trying.

Wellborn Cabinetry and Wood Mode cabinetry lines accommodate any dimensional challenge. Come by our showroom and let us show you.

Finally working with a knowledgeable sales designer who had worked with many remodel projects and customers is a real asset. They know the questions to ask and the resources to bring to bear including referring a remodel contractor or interior designer if the homeowner does not already have one. 1stChoice Cabinetry can handle the whole job depending on how complicated or we can refer our trusted remodel contractors or interior designers. Come and see us and let us help you with you remodel!