Tips for some value added features in your kitchen!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many of us who use our kitchens daily will benefit from some of the space saving, organizing and special features that are available in today’s cabinetry. Many of these can be retrofitted to older cabinetry with some modification. One feature that many of you are aware of is the “soft close” drawer that can be pulled out to the full extension of the drawer box. These closers are a delight to use and the ability to use the full drawer box with full access is very functional! “Soft closers” are now available for doors as well, so no more slamming sounds in the kitchen.

The ability to incorporate pantry’s into cabinetry space with organizer shelving and racks is much more functional than the old pantry closet, and much nicer from an architectural point of view. These pantry maximize the use of space along with ease of access to items being stores. Come see us and let us show you!

There are also may varieties of lazy susan’s for storing all sorts of things. These lazy susan’s fully utilize the space in corner cabinets while allowing easy access to items being stored.

Hidden spice racks are a joy for those chef’s who like to spice up their favorite curry’s and the like. The ease of access and the storage fitted for spice bottles makes finding and storing your spices a joy!

Mixing bowl lifters allow for the economical storing of heavy mixers while allow, through spring loading, the easy lifting and locking of the mixer shelf. Let us show you how it works!

Trash bag holders now allow for double bags and even have automatic opening and closing devices available for those who want the easiest of opening and closing!

There are many more internal storage and space saving devices available so come by 1st Choice Cabinetry and let us show you what is possible.