Style Reports

Friday, January 29, 2010

The NKBA conducted a survey of members who designed residential kitchens or bathrooms during the last quarter of 2009 to determine style trends in the market.

The survey confirmed some already apparent design trends currently in the marketplace, but also uncovered others that may indicate a shift in the direction styles could take in 2010.


Styles & Color;

Traditional styling will continue to be prevalent in design in 2010, with more than three quarters of designers reporting it one of the most popular styles in the last quarter on 2009.

Contemporary also remains a strong trend with more than half of the NKBA kitchen designers incorporating it into one or more of their recent designs.

One trend that makes us sit up and take notice, however, is the Shaker style that is seeing a strong resurgence,

some think because it is a middle ground between the traditional styling we are accustomed to and contemporary styling that can feel a little cold to some.