Space and Storage Utilization Don’t Necessarily Go Hand In Hand

Monday, August 09, 2010

Cabinetry is usually associated with door styles, wood types and finishes, but what is most important to many is space utilization and storage functionality. Storage options are a function of user preference and need, and should be thought through in detail before any design is done. Kitchens and bathrooms are used in many ways and by many members of the family. How will these spaces be used and by whom? Storage is a function of the items that need to be stored and used. Kitchens that focus on maximization of space and functionality might have more pots and pans drawers, spice drawers or racks, and panty spaces. Kitchens that serve dual functions of living and cooking spaces might have more drawers, and open cabinetry to house TV’s, computers or other pieces of equipment used by the family. Cabinetry that is larger and more open might not optimize the use of that space, but does offer functionality for the purpose. Cabinetry lines that are less expensive usually do not offer the myriad of box sizes, interior organization systems, dimensions and door sizes that more expensive lines offer. Space utilization and maximization might result in higher costs due to more customization. Design elements and best practices will help you meet your objectives.

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