Selecting cabinetry doesn’t have to be difficult!

Selecting cabinetry doesn’t have to be difficult!

We are now half way through the year and summer is upon us. The trend that we are seeing is that many homeowners are choosing to stay in their current home and remodel. We get feedback through our website and social media outlets as well as walk-in customers and what we often hear is that the task of remodeling can be a daunting one as well as an exhausting one. Many homeowners are fearful of not knowing enough about the “cabinetry world” to make sound decisions. Just the mere thought of all of the research and details can make some heads spin with anxiety. This is completely understandable since most folks do not purchase cabinetry but maybe once in their life, therefore it can be hard to feel confident about the choices to be made. 1st Choice Cabinetry has thought a lot about how to use our experience and expertise to help the consumer in this process.

We are here to make the customer’s experience FUN, EASY & AFFORDABLE!

First, we will strive to create an environment for our customers that will not only be FUN, but also as EASY as possible while learning about cabinetry and the selection process. Finally, 1st Choice Cabinetry has savvy and talented sales designers that can value engineer to give “the look” the customer desires while helping meet a projects budget requirements. We have cabinetry lines in every price point and our cabinetry is AFFORDABLE!

We are continually updating our website content to help homeowners with questions they may have concerning their kitchen or bathroom design. We are a great resource for homeowners that want to remodel and need answers or are just simply looking for great ideas!

As many of you may know, we have been expanding our web and social media presence. We are providing fresh content via our company cast page (or company blog ) as well as our Facebook and Twitter sites. However, we need your help to be a Social Media success! We know that some of our biggest fans are our very own customers. We would like for all of you to be a part of our social media efforts by ‘liking’ our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. Let’s create some excitement out there!