Remodeling your house

In this recessionary environment that we find ourselves in we are seeing more and more people considering remodeling areas of their homes to improve the quality of their lives. There are so many things to consider in one’s remodeling budget that it can be a daunting experience.

Getting in touch with your budget is the first priority, and the second priority is to find out if your budget is in line with what you want to achieve!

We are seeing more bathroom remodeling than we have seen in past years. One product that we have focused on are “furniture vanities” for this purpose. These “one piece” vanities come with countertop and sink. Complimenting mirrors are also available to match. The advantage to using these “furniture vanities” is that we can get them quickly, usually there is nothing to change with your plumbing, installation is easy, and the reward is a really unique furniture piece in your bathroom!

We have several different lines of these vanities that we show in our showroom so come by to see for yourself!

Of course there are more elaborate bathroom remodels which require new tile work, new plumbing, new showers, new cabinetry and tops, etc., and we have sales designers and remodel contractors that we work with that specialize in bathroom remodels.

Other areas of interest are mud rooms and laundry rooms which can be organized and cleaned up with many remodel ideas.

Of course kitchens will always be the focal point of many homes, and many kitchens are remodeled after 7-10 years. There are so many new appliances available for so many applications that our customers have to get new cabinetry due to replacement of appliances.

Come by and let us show you how we can improve your life with our cabinetry and appliances!