Remodeling Hot Spots

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Triangle area is becoming one of the remodeling hot spots in the country as new house inventories shrink. Many of the homeowners who might have wanted to leave their houses and trade up are staying at home! The areas in the house that are most popular to remodel are kitchens, bathrooms, home office, laundry room & outside living areas.

For those contemplating remodeling at some point it might be a good idea to find an interior designer that you can relate to well. She or he can help take your thoughts and ideas and pull them together in a cohesive plan for each room or area that you are thinking about. As an example, if you are thinking about remodeling the kitchen there is lighting, tile, flooring, paint color, surface selection, and cabinetry to co-ordinate so that everything fits together. A interior designer can help pull all of these areas together with a plan and budget that fits your needs.

When it comes to cabinetry we concentrate on organizational and functional needs of our customer as well as what a finished design will look like aesthetically. We try and combine organizational, functional, and lifestyle and fit this with our customer’s budget. Our designers are experts in these areas and work well with an interior design and customer team.

The home office area is currently a hot spot in the house as more and more people are working out of their homes. These spaces need to be attractive, but very functional for our customer’s working needs. We have a broad range of cabinetry to achieve our customer’s objectives.

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