Organizing Spaces

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Organizing spaces is something that most of us need to do and want to do, but just do not know how to do. This process of organization requires much thought about how we live or want to live our lives. Work spaces tend to be more organized as they are used more frequently, but where to put action items versus filing items that have been handled is sometimes frustrating and challenging. Organizing spaces on our house tends to not be a straight forward. Kitchens, bathrooms, closets, garages, etc. are all spaces that can tend to be cluttered and disorganized. Start with what is desired and then think about how you use or want to use your spaces. Measure the spaces for intended use to make sure that what you want to put in the space can actually fit there! Closet organizers are especially helpful in maximizing the use of your closet. Clothes are bulky, but mostly air and can be stored more efficiently using organizer systems. The added benefit is that your belongings are always where they are supposed to be when they are organized. How many times do we want to wear a special something and cannot find it. It is usually right under our noses!

Come by our 1stChoice Cabinetry showroom and let us help you get organized!