A Thank You Note

Friday, March 04, 2011

Dear Cliff,

I’m writing to you as a very satisfied customer of 1stOur family did a major renovation which included a new kitchen and new bathrooms.  We had planned for custom cabinetry, but when the quote came in from the sub, it was way more than our allowance.  As you can imagine, we were concerned and I went into panic mode.  Fortunately, our selections coordinator had worked with 1st Choice on other projects and put a call into Doug.   I believe that on a Friday and he may have been on his way out of town.  That being said, he took the kitchen plans / drawings and turned around a preliminary plan and quote – over the weekend.   I was so impressed.   With customer service like that, I knew that we’d be able to work through the hurdle we faced.

I came to your showroom to meet Doug and look at the “product.”  Your showroom is beautiful and it makes it so very easy to make decisions, being able to see all options.    While we knew what we generally wanted, there are so many details to work through.  Doug led me through the process, sharing his expertise and knowledge.   It was a wonderful experience, and so much fun!   Doug was endlessly patient and responsive to my every call and email.   Once we settled on all the details, Doug provided a final quote which we thought was reasonable so we signed the paperwork.   It was such a relief to have worked through our initial “issue” and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Doug.

I also have to tell you that the kid’s room in your showroom was a lifesaver.   My kids generally don’t enjoy errands, and they were having to do more than usual with me during the renovation, but they didn’t mind going to 1st Choice as they had a place to hang out and have fun while I did what I needed to do.  Your having that room was so very helpful, and took the stress out of having to have the children with me.

I could go on and on about our positive experience with Doug, though I should mention the others from 1st Choice with whom we worked with / encountered.  I had the opportunity to meet the installer, who was very professional and pleasant and did a wonderful job (despite the heat!).   Likewise, the gentleman who did the ‘touch-up’ work did a great job.  Your service manager, who assisted me when I noticed a couple of things that needed a little attention, was great to work with too and as customer-focused as Doug, ensuring that we were happy.   Also, I must mention John, who was always so very kind and helpful when I stopped in or called.  His candy bowl was  hit with my kids too!

We love our new kitchen and bathrooms, and of course the cabinets are a big part of those rooms.  We are pleased with the quality of the cabinets, and especially love the soft-close doors – a feature Doug recommended that I can’t imagine living without!  I have enjoyed sharing our experience with 1st Choice with friends and family who admire our new space, and will continue to take every opportunity to recommend 1st Choice to others.  Please share my appreciation with your team for all that they contributed to our home.