Living Spaces

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Most of our lifestyles have changed over the past several years. Casual lifestyle is here to stay. Whether it be in the workplace or at home our focus seems to be trending towards a less formal atmosphere.

When we get home to our “castle” we want to live in an environment that is more open and where spaces are multi-functional. This is especially true with the evolution of the kitchen as a purely functional space for preparing food which would then be taken to the dining room to a space where we multi-task, network and eat.

From a design perspective this creates many challenges and also many opportunities. Our children are doing their homework in the kitchen, we are watching TV news in the morning and the evening, we are checking our emails at the computer, and we are preparing and eating food!

Kitchens today are larger, and they encompass all of the things mentioned previously. Usually the kitchen today is much more open and possibly enjoins a family room where there is open access to both areas and they almost become blended into one big space.

We must consider designing space for the TV, the computer, space for prep areas for food, space for work areas for business or homework, and enough space for many people to be together without being in the same place at the same time! This involves creativity and rethinking the paradigm of kitchen design.

At 1st Choice Cabinetry we are educating ourselves everyday to the latest and greatest design techniques and best practices for both new construction and for the older home being remodeled. We have the latest and greatest door styles and finishes along with great appliances that will compliment everyone’s needs.