Kitchen Design

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How many of us would like to change something in our kitchen or bathroom that would make it easier for us to use the space for the intended use? There are lots of options with cabinetry to customize, even with semi-custom cabinetry, your space to your lifestyle. This can all be done with pleasing architectural symmetry as well! There are many design elements that can be used and employed to enhance the space functionally and aesthetically.

Crown molding comes in all sizes and shapes in addition to the possibility of applied moldings. Things like rope or dental applied molding can really make a statement. Larger moldings can also enhance the perceived height of your cabinetry. Staggering depths and heights commonly called “bump ups and bump outs” can create not only an interesting dimensional component, but put functionally designed space into a kitchen or bathroom. Corner cabinets with lazy susan’s inside will take unusable space and make it highly useable. The use of glass doors and finished interiors will allow for “show and tell” for your namesake pieces along with creating more of a furniture look to your cabinetry. The addition of various styles of feet or posts will add further dimension and more customization making your design special and different. Some of these dimensional architectural components are in fact specialized pull outs for spices and the like.

The type and placement of your knobs and pulls can also add character and make your design even more special.

Come and see us at 1st Choice Cabinetry and let us show you our ability to make a design to fit your dreams!