What does being Green mean?

Monday, April 26, 2010

It depends on which shade of green that you are referring to! Just like the color Green of which there are many shades, being Green also has many different variations. Being Green doesn’t have to cost more money, but it can.

At 1st Choice Cabinetry we are all about being as Green as we can! We carry several cabinetry lines that are KCMA Green certified, but some are more Green than others. Being Green means that companies are using best practices in manufacturing with regards to the materials they use and where they come from. They are reusing and recycling everything that they can in varying degrees depending on the company and what their commitment is to being Green and also what their capabilities are to be Green. Things like using particle board or plywood that has little or no formaldehyde in it is a start. Recycling waste that occurs through manufacturing like sawdust, wood pieces and parts, plastic, etc. is also a place to start. Being in close proximity to your end user also is considered being Green and generated LEEDS points for the builder and customer.

We, at 1st Choice Cabinetry, are also doing our share in being Green. We have cut our use of paper by 90% by being paperless in our transactions as much as possible, and the paper that we do use we recycle by printing on both sides. We uses plates in our break room that can be re-washed. Our field supervisors are driving Honda Fits instead of vans which use much more gas, etc. We have taken out every other light bulb to cut our electricity use and the bulbs that we do use are energy efficient.

Wellborn Cabints, Wood Mode Cabinetry, Legacy Cabinetry & Cucine Lube Italian Cabinetry  are all Green Cabinetry lines that 1st Choice Cabinetry offers. These lines are at different price points and each with a different value proposition for our customers.

We also offer Energy Star appliances which are Green. Let us show you!

Come by our showroom and let one of our professional sales designers show you how to be Green and be happy being Green!