Green building best practices

Monday, November 15, 2010

Green is a word and color that has many shades and meanings! Green for the home building and remodeling industry is here to stay. Our government and the consumer are wanting green products and services to help with rising energy costs and creation of renewable resources. Green cabinetry products run the gamut in terms of how green do we want to be. There are green water based finishes being used on cabinetry, green wood that is used in the cabinetry box construction, green location of the cabinetry factory if it is within 500 miles of the end use for fuel savings and the list goes on. Appliances has been a major focus for the consumer with the “Energy Star” ratings that show energy consumption savings. Our government as also supported purchase of these “Energy Star” appliances with stimulus money. 1st Choice Cabinetry has many “Energy Star” appliances to choose from. We also have many green cabinetry lines to choose from as well.

Come by and meet with one of our cabinetry specialist or our appliance specialist and let us show you how to be green!