Fall Newsletter

Friday, October 22, 2010

In this month’s issue we are continuing the updates we began in our last newsletter, so please share it with anyone you feel that may benefit from the following information!

Did you know 1stChoice Cabinetry is the largest dealer of Kabinart Cabinetry in the country? What does this mean to you? No one can beat our pricing on this “all wood” construction product! It adds tremendous value to someone looking to upgrade their current property.
Whether you are looking for exceptional quality or budget conscious cabinetry, Kabinart can fulfill all of your needs.

Wellborn Cabinets
Wellborn Cabinets, one of the best known cabinetry brands on the market today, has designated 1stChoice Cabinetry as one of their top 40 “core dealers” in the country. We are proud to say we rank #7 in the US! Wellborn has a very broad line and has the best on time and complete job fulfillment rate in the industry. Their product is unmatched in quality and style in their price range. Because of Wellborn’s short lead time and complete job shipping performance it is a favorite among our remodel contractors.

Wood-Mode & Brookhaven
1stChoice Cabinetry has one of the largest and most comprehensive Wood-Mode and Brookhaven Cabinetry showrooms in North Carolina. Wood-Mode is the most recognized premium wood cabinetry lines in the country. Stop in and let us show you the detailed attention given to the exquisite furniture finish Wood-Mode offers and their ability to customize cabinetry to any need you or your customer may have.

Pricing and Service
Because we are one of the area’s largest cabinetry dealers we get superior deals and pricing on our cabinetry lines that we then pass along to you, our customer. If you take advantage of our ability to bundle products in your home (Wellborn/kitchen, Kabinart/island, Legacy/baths, etc) your cost can be substantially lower without comprimising quality or design. We believe in the products that we represent and quite simply, our service is second to none! Come by and let us show you what we are all so proud to be a part of.

Don’t forget, we also sell several brands of appliances such as Fisher & Paykel, DCS, Sharp, AGA, Marvel and others. We can offer our customers these brands at a very attractive value!

Also make sure to check out our Craigslist postings for the latest sale items, just type 1st Choice Cabinetry into the search box and all of our listings will appear!