Bundling Products

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saving money on your cabinetry purchase can be achieved in many ways, but one of the best ways is to find a dealer that has a broad range of cabinetry lines and products, and buys them at the best prices. Appliance and surface offerings will help keep the price down while keeping control over the process since everything is co-ordinated by the same company, and scheduled to arrive and be installed at the correct time in the process.

Cabinetry and related item purchases from one cabinetry dealer, if it is the correct cabinetry dealer, will most likely save you money and time. The dealer that is able to sell and service all of the components can offer products and services at lower profit margins, and thus better prices since they are handling the whole transaction. Pricing advantages come with using multiple cabinetry lines to achieve optimum best value by using one cabinetry line for the kitchen and master bath while using a secondary lower cost alternative in the secondary baths, laundry room, bonus room and garage. Furniture vanities are a great way to save money and time in your powder room.

1st Choice Cabinetry is your one stop shop for your cabinetry purchase! We will give you Wood Mode, Brookhaven, Wellborn, Kabinart and Legacy cabinetry at values that you will not get elsewhere.

Let us show you how you can get the most value in cabinetry for the least amount of money!