Monday, June 14, 2010

Most of us who have appliances think that they will last forever and get used to using them as we can on a daily basis. We don’t think about replacing appliances unless they stop working or unless we are remodeling and there is a dimensional need or a cosmetic need. New appliances should be considered when there is a need to conserve energy. New energy star rated appliances might allow a lower electric rate from the electric company plus they will be more efficient making for a double savings. New dishwashers and clothes washers also consume much less water.

There is also the convenience aspect of a new appliance. Ovens can now be regular, convection and microwave all in one. Microwaves can now be drawers with no turntable needed. Refrigerators can now be drawers or if upright can have many different storage options. Ranges also can be either electric, gas or induction. Warming drawers are also available for those who like their plates warmed.

We offer a complete line of appliances with brands like Fisher & Paykel, DCS, AGA, Sharp & Viking. Come by and let us show you how to save energy, space and money!

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