Aging in Place

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Baby Boomer generation is either in retirement or nearing retirement, and many of these families are taking care of their parents rather than putting them in assisted living environments. Many of these baby boomers are living in houses that were designed and built many years ago, and they will need to be remodeled in order to facilitate the needs of the elderly. Kitchens, bathrooms, studies and other areas will be remodeled to facilitate the use of wheelchairs for these elderly parents. The best design practices are using wider aisle ways, lower countertop heights, open spaces below countertops for wheelchairs, special drawer depths and heights, as well as many more special design and construction elements for those with special needs. We have many options at 1st Choice Cabinetry to help with these special needs. Our Wellborn Cabinet line has one of the most extensive selection of “ADA” cabinets of any cabinetry manufacturer. Please check them out on our website or on the Wellborn Cabinet website. Come by our showroom and let one of our designers help you design a kitchen or bath for these special needs. We can also refer you to remodel contractors who specialize in “aging in place” construction and design.