An Age Old Problem

Thursday, February 25, 2010

With the Baby Boomer generation remaining active in the marketplace, the idea of “aging with dignity” has become increasingly important. The preference is not to visibly make concessions to getting older with specialized fixtures and settings; it has become more of an integrated approach to create beautiful spaces that still work as the client continues to age. “Whether it’s decorative grab bars in designs and finishes that coordinate to other accessories and fixtures in the bathroom, or adjusting heights of sinks and showers to accommodate new needs, designers are adjusting as their client base generates a new set of needs and wants,” says Parrish.

Manufacturers have realized that product design and technologies need to serve the broadest range of people. “Products that are safe, stylish and non-institutional are popular with an older population, and it is important for the bathroom hardware and accessories manufacturer to keep this relevant market in mind,” declares Brodey.

Another “Aging in Place” adjustment comes in innovative storage within the cabinets such as pull-out organizers, hampers and waste bins, according to Shari McPeek, marketing manager, Rev-A-Shelf in Louisville, KY. “This not only frees up floor space for walkers, wheelchairs, etc., it creates a clean ‘spa like’ and more spacious room,” she concludes.