Recycled Glass

There are so many countertop options — the classics such as formica, stainless steel and granite — but over the last few years many recycled countertops have been emerging on the market. While each has their own advantages, recycled content countertops have many benefits in addition to being eco-friendly.

Mold & Mildew Resistant
• Scratch Resistant (not scratch proof)
• Stain Resistant
• Heat & Socrch Resistant
• Maintenance Free — only warm water and mild detergent needed for cleaning. The surface is non-pourous, so no sealing is required.
• Potentially Cradle to Cradle Certified and eligible for LEED points.
• Large Color Palette and Design Options

As compared to other countertop materials, there is little to no destruction of the earth required to mine these materials, little to no waste or polluted water during the manufacturing process, which results in highly durable, large slabs of countertop.

At 1st Choice Cabinets, we use the following brands when it comes to Recycled Glass Countertops:

Bio-Glass by Caragreen